Tuesday Talk.

I’ve tried to start this post several times now and just don’t know where to go with it. On top of the current medical situation going on worldwide and the “new normal” we are navigating, we are continuing to walk forward in obedience to God.

And those things combined have created a level of chaos that has never been experienced here. Allen equated it to a working warehouse: things are boxed up but everything is constantly moving and changing.

Exhibit A:

We are now up to box 37 or 38 (in addition to the unboxed items we’re packing, like shelving units) and we have stacked several more things on that pile since the picture was taken on Sunday.

And the stress is taking a toll on our kids. From losing their beds to seeing toys packed up and now not going to preschool or church, I think they are feeling a lot of uncertainty.

And to be honest, so are we.

Psalm 119:105 has been such a comfort and encouragement to us lately:

So how can you be praying?

Truthfully, just for the next step(s) to be illuminated as we keep our eyes on Christ. All the moving pieces and uncertainties can feel overwhelming. We don’t always know where to step.

We shared some more prayer requests (for the COVID-19 outbreak in Togo and for our family) in the video we shared yesterday. And we posted a specific prayer request for Ruthie, too.

Thanks, friends. We appreciate you.

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