All. The. Things.

Does anyone else feel like all the things are happening and everything is weird?

As with most people across the world, we are hunkering down at home. But our hunkering down includes packing, preparing our house to go on the market, and adjusting to last-minute changes in our plans for Field Prep Seminar.

FPS is moving to an online format for this session, meaning that we won’t be flying to PA later this month. We don’t really know what we’re doing, actually, since we’ll need a babysitter for our kids for those 8 days of training.

But the whole time we’ve been preparing to serve in Togo, we’ve sensed the Lord leading us to just do the next thing, take the next step.

So even now, that’s what we’re doing: looking at the next thing. What is the next thing we need to pack? What is the next meal we need to cook for our kids? What is the next load of laundry I need to do?

And we’re seeing good things happen in between those “next” things. Like having a long conversation with Ruth about Easter yesterday afternoon, and at bedtime, hearing her say, “Thank you for telling me about Easter today, mama.” God is working in her heart.

We also had such a sweet time worshiping with Christ Community Church on Sunday. The fellowship, the music, the times of prayer… what a blessing to our hearts. We think the service was recorded, so if we find a copy, we’ll post it!

Okay, so how can you be praying for us? Wisdom. Provision. Help.

God is with us and He is mighty to save.

We are praying for you!

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