Friday Faves!

Friends! What a week! We had lots of BIG things happen this week (plus we shared all the things we’ve been Priming lately). Hold on tight!

We spent Monday and Tuesday wading through the plane tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, and registrations we need for Field Prep…

Because we are officially going to Field Prep!

The other big thing that happened this week? We got a new lawn ornament!

Twenty feet of tan beauty with four vents, wood floors, tie downs, double-doors, and completely sealed metal. I love it. The man who delivered it said it’s one of the nicest containers he has seen in a long time.

We are so thankful for Alaska Container Cache who answered all our questions, met us on a Saturday morning to see the containers, picked out the best one for us, and worked with the businesses in China to get us the required paperwork. If you’re in the market for a 20- or 40-foot container, we literally could not recommend them more.

We also had a great time with friends over the weekend (shoutout to Dean, Courtney, and kids!) who helped with a dump run and cleaning our kitchen before enjoying a winter campfire outside. We are super thankful for friends who are like family, who walk alongside us, and encourage us.

I submitted my letter of resignation last week. It was very tough (and very early – my last day isn’t until May 29th). I am so thankful for my boss and my coworkers who have been nothing but supportive throughout this whole process.

We have about two weeks before our house goes on the market and lots to do before then… but it’s so amazing how God is working and moving before us.

Have a great weekend, friends – maybe next week we’ll be able to share some pictures of a (partially) packed container!

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