Crunch Time!

Okay, friends. We are in crunch time – and we don’t mean crunching chips. Lots of things happening this month!

2 days until our container is delivered (eek!).

12 days until we speak at Christ Community Church in Anchorage (come join us!).

18 days until we get pictures taken of our house (and we hope to have it almost completely packed up by then!).

24 days until we head to the East Coast for our final ABWE trainings.

We are excited and also a little bit overwhelmed and terrified… much like Hudson sitting in the snow last Saturday:

So we need prayer: for wisdom, for God’s provision, for good time management and sound decision making. We are trying to coordinate flights, childcare, rental cars, and hotel rooms for our upcoming training and it’s a LOT to sort through by Friday.

But we are also so thankful for the 53 family units and two churches on our partnership team (so far!), for friends who help with trips to the dump and cleaning our kitchen, for a little boy who is mostly sleeping through the night, and for the beautiful snow we have had recently.

Have a fun week, friends. May God bless you richly!

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