Shipping containers, buying kids clothes and mattresses, a new partner and an existing partner increasing their support, time with friends, Legos, the start of a new semester… what a week!

I have been friends with these ladies for literally more than half my life. A night of fondue (more like FUN-due) and laughs were just what we needed. So thankful.

I ALSO had coffee with a sweet friend and left her office feeling really really blessed.

Clara says the funniest things. One of this week’s gems? “But I’m BEAUTIFUL!!”

Periodically, Ruth’s teachers will post pictures of her class on the secure Facebook page. We always love spotting her in them and Allen found this one yesterday:

Most mornings, Ruth tells me, “Mama, I love your crazy hair!” So I especially love how her headband is in this picture.

Hudson is so so sweet. He wraps his little arms so tightly to give hugs, like he never wants to let go. Be right back, totally melting from his sweetness.

Allen started his LAST semester of college this week! He only has to drive to Anchorage once a week, so we’re super thankful for that… and that he is almost done! Woohoo!

Well, friends. That about wraps it up! Have a great weekend!

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