Tuesday Talk

When Allen and I got married in 2014, we wanted our wedding to feel cozy… like we had invited 100+ of our dearest friends over for dinner.

After a sweet ceremony, we joined everyone for family style soup in bread bowls and salad. Lanterns, candles, green tablecloths, and tan and gray plaid decorated the tables.

Green. Gray. Tan. Those were our wedding colors.

So you can imagine my delight and surprise on Saturday as we walked through the container yard and I noticed the colors of the containers:

Green. Gray. Tan. Those were the container colors.

I’m probably way overreacting and fixating on something that’s not even a thing. But at the same time, I feel like God winked at us on Saturday.

Seeing those boxes lined up in the snow as we traipsed around in our coats and boots, the exact colors that we used to celebrate the start of our lives together all those years ago, was like a secret hand squeeze from God.

All that to say, we picked our container on Saturday!

Well, we picked the features. Double doors. Four vents. Gray.

The company we’re purchasing the container from said they’d go through the boxes and see which one is in the best shape, the cleanest, etc. Then, they’ll send the number off to China to get our shipping certification before it is delivered to our house.

Please pray that the certification comes back quickly! With the coronavirus situation, one of the companies has shut down and another is operating at half-production. Ideally, we’ll have the paperwork received by the end of this week and the container delivered by the end of next week.

This will allow us to get it packed up before our house is photographed on March 21 and goes on the market the following week. Please pray that our house will sell quickly and for at least asking price.

In the midst of this, we are still trying to hit 85% for our training next month. Pray that God will continue to build our partnership team.

And Allen started a new (and his FINAL!) semester this week. Pray for success in Allen’s classes and safety driving to and from Anchorage.

Big things and big changes in the next month. Thanks for praying with us through them.

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