This Week…

I had a moment this week. One of those, “Whoa, wait, what?!” moments where the reality of life hits and leaves you reeling.

What prompted it? This:

Earlier this week, I placed a Target pick up order for some things on our packing list: a five gallon drink dispenser, some clothes drying racks, clothespins, file holders, and a cooler.

And after loading up the back of our Jeep, I paused before closing the window and tail gate. It hit me:

This is the drink dispenser that will sit on our counter in Togo with filtered ice water everyday for the next million years. Our clothes will dry on those racks and with those clothespins everyday. That cooler will hold our groceries on trips to Lomé and back. That’s a twin-size blanket we got for Hudson for those chilly Harmattan nights

Our life in Togo is starting to take shape, one Target shopping trip at a time.

Last night, we had the best time with our sweet realtor, Anna, and mapped out a timeline for putting our house on the market. And this weekend, we’re selecting and putting a deposit down on our shipping container.

But this reminder has been on our hearts and minds all week:

This week, we are so thankful for friends who help with troubled vans (especially Calvin for the ramps, Dean for his problem solving and assistance, and Joe for his ingenuity).

We are thankful for lots of beautiful new snow that erase mountains and make the world look and feel like a magical snow globe.

We are thankful for fun coworkers who make Budget Open Houses much more enjoyable…

… and for kiddos who will listen to my FY2021 Preliminary Budget Presentation with almost authentic interest.

We are thankful for a fun family Valentines dinner at home in fancy outfits.

And we are thankful for all the moments that remind us of the calling God has on our lives: here and now in Alaska, this fall in France, and the year after in Togo (and everywhere in between). From coolers to clothing racks, He has us covered.

Happy weekend!

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