Tuesday Talk

It was below zero when we got to church on Sunday. I had my knitting in the car (I’m working on a little sweater for Hudson) and after the service, I picked up my project to keep working on it…

…only to have the cord on my circular needles literally break off! It had completely frozen and snapped!

So yeah I bought a new circular needle over the weekend.

We did our taxes yesterday… and we are receiving a sizable refund! Yes, we know that means we over-paid on our taxes all year. Regardless, we are thankful and excited, much like this big boy:

God is continuing to close the gap in our monthly support: we are officially at 83% ! That means, if 17 people join our team for just $70 per month, we’ll be fully funded!

Allen starts his FINAL semester of school next week! I know he sometimes felt like this time would never come… but here it is. Please pray for endurance and focus as he wraps up his degree. Here’s a picture of Allen looking off into his future. It’s bright.

Three and a half months from now, we’ll be heading out of Alaska. Please pray for wisdom as we try to discern what steps we need to take to leave well and to be prepared for a summer of traveling. Packing, choosing a motorhome, deciding about a language class in Tennessee… so many things.

Thanks for praying for us. We love you!

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