Friday Favorites!

It’s Allen here, guest-posting. And guess what?! It’s Friday! AND Valentine’s Day! Here are our top 5 favorites from the week.

1. Coffee date and planning meeting.

Last Saturday, we went to a local coffee shop to plan the rest of the year and enjoy some great coffee together!

2. Playing in the snow!

The kiddos enjoyed warmer temperatures this week – mid to high 20s – and played in the snow. Lots of running around our trail, eating snow, screaming and cheering, and “cooking” in their playhouse.

3. Hudson walking more!

4. Officially hitting 81% of our monthly need this week!

5. I wrapped up another semester at Wayland and will begin my final term in a couple weeks! Yessssssss.

And that’s all folks… Hope and pray you have a blessed weekend!

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