Our Hearts for Discipleship

We have been on this pre-field journey for close to two years now. Over that time, we’ve seen God provide miraculously, guide us in new ways, and open doors we never thought possible…

… but that time is coming to a close!

So we thought it would be good to recap what God is leading us to do in Togo and how He has been preparing us over the last few years for these ministries.

In case you missed it, our ministry focus shifted while we were in Togo for our site visit. Rather than having a direct orphanage focus, we are looking for ways to serve orphaned and vulnerable kids in partnership with local churches. But a big component of that is discipleship: we hope to work with a small group of young adult Togolese believers and, with them, provide training to churches in children’s ministry.

We. Love. Discipleship.

Allen served in children’s and youth ministry for years before we got married and so did I. But right after we got married, we started a College & Career ministry at our church.

Every Friday night, a small group would come to our apartment or house. Over dinner, prayer, Bible study, and games/music/talking, we developed strong, deep relationships. We laughed at inside jokes and stayed up too late. And Allen and I both agree that it is the favorite ministry we’ve ever served in.

Life on life. That’s how we see discipleship. As we get to know one another and share the ups and downs of life… as we see what God’s Word has to say about things… as we lean into Him and one another, that’s when true discipleship takes place.

This intentional time of discipleship turned into some seriously lifelong, lasting friendships. Friends who are like brothers and sisters. Friends who still walk alongside us as we walk alongside them.

My heart for discipleship started ages ago, though, before College & Career started. While many wonderful and beautiful women have invested in my life over the years, one in particular said, “Yes!” when I asked her on a chilly Wednesday night if she would mentor me.

For literally years, we met nearly weekly to talk, pray, and study Scripture together. We’ve served together, cried together (mostly on my part, to be honest), and have such a special and lasting relationship. We decorate cookies every Christmas and celebrate our birthdays together every May.

I am so thankful for her role in my life. That relationship helped lay a foundation for a life of ministry and service and intentional relationships with others.

God has used our experiences in being discipled and discipling others to help prepare us for this ministry in Togo. We are excited to see what He does, how He uses us to serve and minister in a new way. What a good and faithful Father to prepare us for things YEARS in advance!

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