One of our favorite things about prefield and partnership development is the opportunity to connect people with what God is doing in West Africa. God is doing great things in that part of the world and we’d love to highlight a few of those things today!

In Togo, people with disabilities such as deafness are often seen as a curse and, as a result, these people do not receive a quality education. However, God is moving in hearts to prayerfully begin an education ministry to deaf students. By providing this sub-population with a quality education and access to the truth of the gospel, they have an opportunity for salvation and lasting relationships. LEARN MORE HERE.

Through medical missions, God is saving people from physical ailments and spiritual death. A simple thing like a sports drink, coupled with faithful prayer, was used to save a little girl’s life in The Gambia. READ MORE HERE.

Things have become a little more tumultuous in West Africa, driving people out of rural areas and into more urban settings. With that comes new opportunities for ministry, such as on college campuses. Even in challenges, God is working to draw people to Himself. READ MORE HERE (look for the Feb. 5th entry).

So, how can you plug into what God is doing in West Africa? Here are some idas:

  • Pray. Pray for missionaries you know. Pray for ministries you’ve learned about. Pray for unreached, unengaged people groups. Pray for Bible translations, for local Pastors, for churches.
  • Give. Partner financially (or via other resources, such as ministry supplies) with a missionary or a ministry to get plugged into the work yourself.
  • Go. Contact a missionary or missions agency and ask how you can assist them in person. Do they have big projects, events, or needs coming up? Are there any important dates in their family (such as a wedding anniversary or birthday)? Find a time to visit and make it happen.

God is up to great things. We’re excited to be part of it and thankful for our ability to connect you to it, too!

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