Tuesday Talk

The last 48 hours have been so good! We have seen God working in really cool ways and we’re excited to share that with you!

First of all, we received our official acceptance letter to language school in Albertville, France! Our term starts on September 1st. We even have an address already of our apartment in France! We’re a little excited:

We had some family friends (hi, Peggy and Jeff!!) reach out to us late last week and guess what?! They have some converters from their time living overseas that they aren’t using anymore… and they offered to mail them up to us for Togo! It is such an encouragement to have people say, “We read about this need and we are going to help meet it.” Thank you, friends!!

Like we shared last week, there’s so much to do before we head out: packing up life in Alaska, preparing for language school AND West Africa, finishing our support raising…

But in the last 48 hours, we had one family tell us that they are going to partner with us and another friend tell us they are going to increase their existing monthly gift! Those two commitments put us at about 83% of our support.

So in light of all that, how can you be praying for us?

  • For perseverance in finishing our support raising. We have some more appointments lined up and are meeting with a few churches, too. Please pray that God will build the team He wants to be connected to His work in West Africa.
  • There really is a lot to do – pray that we will have insight and wisdom to be able to prioritize correctly and maintain healthy relationships.
  • Allen has two more weeks in this semester. Pray for him to finish well. The week-long break will be very welcome.
  • Our kiddos have been sick for a while; pray for a full recovery for them.

We say this every week, but we really are so thankful for you. Your friendship, prayers, and support are such a blessing. Thank you.

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