Reintroductions and a New Timeline!

We’ve had some new partners and another church (shout out to Hillside Baptist in Anchorage, Alaska!!) join our team this year, so we figured it was about time for a quick re-introduction of who we are, what God is calling us to, and what our timeline is.

… But rather than me typing a bunch of words for you to read, we made a new video! It’s less than three and a half minutes long and hopefully you can catch a glimpse of our hearts, our family, and our calling through it.

Now about our timeline…

We believe that God is and will continue to guide us in our pre-field ministry. But we also believe that ministry is coming to a close. So we are making steps to wrap up this chapter of our lives and move into the next one. So here’s the scoop, with the full understanding that God will open and close doors according to His plan:

  • February 2020: Downsize our belongings; prep our house to sell; purchase a shipping container; and make arrangements for Field Prep Seminar, our last training with ABWE.
  • March 2020: Put our house on the market; begin packing our container; Commissioning Service at FLBC; leave for FPS.
  • April 2020: Wrap up FPS; accept an offer on our house; continue packing our container; look into purchasing a motor home.
  • May 2020: Purchase a motor home; close on our house; sell our vehicle(s); leave my job; Allen finishes his degree from Wayland Baptist University.
  • June 2020: Help with VBS at FLBC; drive out of Alaska.
  • Summer 2020: Drive; visit friends; drive; visit family; drive; go on adventures; apply for language school visas.
  • August 2020: Receive final clearance from ABWE; depart for France.
  • September 2020: Begin language school in Albertville, France.

It’s crazy and scary and exciting to see things all laid out like that. We only have about four months left in Alaska and only eight until language school starts.

If you are looking for ways to get involved in what God is calling us to now and in Togo, let us know. We LOVE getting together with friends and family to catch up on life and share about God calling us to West Africa.

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