Five Friday Favorites!

This was only a four-day work week for me, but golly, it felt a LOT longer than that! On Wednesday, I kept thinking it was already Friday… hard no on that one!

Okay, so fun fact: Generally speaking, Allen does the cooking and baking at our house. It’s his time to relax and be creative without kiddos. But lately, I’ve been taking over the cooking and baking more on the weekends (mostly muffins to eat for breakfasts throughout the week). And this week, y’all, I MADE THREE LOAVES OF BREAD:

I was really maybe too excited about it, to be honest. But those loaves were delicious and we ate them all week.

Kiddos were sick this week, though, which meant no preschool for Ruth and lots of snuggles (“nuggles,” as Clara calls them).

We shared some information about our “Top Priority” packing list yesterday – you can now get a link to it in the right-hand menu bar or by clicking HERE.

Tomorrow is Hudson’s first birthday! We’ll share more about him this weekend, but this little guy is such an adventurous, cuddly, smiley addition to our family. He is the piece we didn’t know we were missing.

Finally, we have verbal commitments putting us at 81% of our monthly support! We are so thankful for the people and churches God is drawing into the work He is doing in West Africa. It’s crazy to think that He has called our family to literally go to Africa, but we are taking a whole group of people with us as our support team.

See the source image

Have a great weekend!

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