Tuesday Talk

Hey friends, happy Tuesday!

We’ve had some vehicle troubles the last week, so Allen and the kids have been driving me to and from work. On the way home yesterday, Clara (2) called Hudson (almost 1) a “butt.”

She knows we don’t say that word in our house, so we told her, “No, Clara. Hudson is not a butt. He is your brother, your friend, and your buddy!”

So she quickly changed her tune and started saying over and over, “He’s my BUDDY, mama!” Oh, I hope he’s always her little buddy…

Before writing this post, I glanced at our list from last week. And you guys, they are all still relevant and exactly what our family needs. So I literally copied and pasted them below, then added a few new thoughts. This is our heart:

  • Wisdom to know the Lord more. As we walk closer to Him, we will be able to better discern what He would have us do to prepare to leave. The end goal is not getting to language school or even Togo. The end goal is to know God and make Him know. That’s really what we want.
  • Allen has a couple of medical procedures in the next few weeks. Pray for a quick recovery and minimal pain. One procedure is done and went well. The other will be this Friday at 4:00pm Alaska time.
  • 85% of our monthly funding by February 29th. In order to attend Field Prep Seminar in March/April, we have to reach 85% of our funding. Please pray with us for diligence, focus, and success in our partnership development. And pray for the right people and churches to join our team. We are waiting for some partnership commitments to process through and hopefully by month-end, we’ll be close to that goal!

And a praise! Last week, we mentioned that our Jeep was acting up. My coworker let us borrow his trickle charger and gave some tips on what could be up. The charger helped, but we ended up having to tow the Jeep to our auto shop. After a quick scan and resetting the electronics, the Jeep is up and running again. Praise God for coworkers, friends, and wise mechanics!

Shortly thereafter, the van’s engine started misfiring and the traction control sensor light came on. Our friend Calvin came over on Saturday and helped Allen change the spark plugs and check a few things. The van is still not working well, but we are so thankful for Calvin’s willingness to help us out.

God is so faithful.

Have a great week and know we are praying for you, too.

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