Children Around the World: An Activity Page

One thing we love about teaching missions to kids is seeing their growing understanding that children all around the world are just like them: they play with toys, live in some type of home, go to school… And one reason we love involving our children in missions with us, is their opportunity to practically and tangibly display the Truth that Jesus loves those children, too.

Nothing connects people from different cultures the same way kids do.

Last fall, we shared a coloring page that we created for a Sunday School lesson at Hillside Baptist Church in Anchorage. We had so much fun designing it, that we decided to make another!

This activity page (available for download below) centers on allowing your own children time to think about what kids are like all around the world.

Maybe you just want to fill some time before dinner is served. Maybe you’re looking for a little activity to take to church. Or maybe you want to have a simple missional conversation with your child and need something to help kickstart it. Whatever your use case is, we hope this sparks some dialogue about how God created kids all over the world… and at the root of things, those kids are just like our kids.

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