Tuesday Talk

When I stop to contemplate the next six months of life for my family, there’s a to-do list a million miles long that comes to mind. And if I don’t intentionally take my thoughts captive, it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed.

Partnership development. Packing. Selling our house. Selling our vehicles. Leaving my job. Allen’s classes. Getting rid of things we don’t need anymore. Timelines. Shipping. Training.

Each thing by itself isn’t big… but when I look at all the things together, with their interdependent nature and overlapping timelines, it can feel like a lot.

It’s like there’s all these layered cogs in a gear. And they all kick off a chain reaction that makes other spin… and if one stops, the whole shebang will fall apart.

I keep reminding myself that I don’t make them spin. I am not the one who is orchestrating all the actions and reactions. I’m not responsible for the end result. But I am responsible for my actions and obedience. We’ve made plans and know that the Lord will direct our steps.

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So in light of all that, how can you be praying for us this week?

  • Wisdom to know the Lord more. As we walk closer to Him, we will be able to better discern what He would have us do to prepare to leave.
  • Allen has a couple of medical procedures in the next few weeks. Pray for a quick recovery and minimal pain.
  • 85% of our monthly funding by February 29th. In order to attend Field Prep Seminar in March/April, we have to reach 85% of our funding. Please pray with us for diligence, focus, and success in our partnership development. And pray for the right people and churches to join our team.
  • EDITED TO ADD: We had a 100K tuneup on our Jeep last week and it hasn’t been wanting to start easily (despite being plugged in or parked in our heated garage). Pray that it’s an easy fix!

Finally, we had a fun Imaginings get together with a few people from our Sunday School class on Saturday, despite the below zero degree weather! A few members were sick and couldn’t make it, but we had yummy food and a great time of fellowship with those who could. We spent time recording some Imaginings and praying over them, then we wrapped it up with a couple board games!

Have a great week, friends! We are praying for you.

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