Merry Christmas!

Earlier this month, our Pastor preached about the Joy of Christmas from Luke 2:1-20. In a world that is fast-paced with non-stop action, pausing to remember the joy surrounding the birth of this precious baby – the Incarnate Son of God – is critical.

Even now, as I wrote that paragraph, my breath caught at “the Incarnate Son of God.” What a miracle that God the Father ordained since before time began to send His Son as the Redeemer of all creation. What joy God must feel in knowing that the way is not lost forever: there is hope because He is hope, because He sent His Son, because His Son gave up his life on the cross.

And we have hope for those same reasons:

God sent His Son – baby Jesus – to be born of a virgin, born under the law. Jesus lived a sinless life, though tempted in every way. And at the fullness of time, He surrendered His life to death on the cross. It was not taken from Him, but willingly given, knowing that His substitutionary death on the cross and shedding of blood was the only way we could be forgiven of our sins. And then, to show His victory over sin and death forever, Christ rose from the dead.

Today we celebrate with joy that sweet, innocent, perfect child born in a foreign town amongst the animals and hay.

But we remember with joy that that child grew up to be our Savior, shedding His blood and giving His very life on the cross.

Have a joyful Christmas, friends.

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