Friday Favorites

Remember when we were kids and Christmas was such a magical time? The lights, the colors, the surprises… everything felt special and fun. That was the Christmas-y week we had!

Our kiddos were sick last weekend, so adventuring around Colony Christmas was out. But on Sunday, Ruth and I took a quick trip to Palmer to do some last minute shopping. It was cold and windy and terrible weather, but I loved seeing the things that caught her eye in stores and what she thought about things.

We’d hoped that kids would be well enough for us to watch the children’s performance at our church Sunday night, but nope. So instead, we piled into the mini van and did a tour of the Christmas lights!! It was fun and quiet (especially when 2/3 of our kids fell asleep).

We exchanged a few presents with friends-like-family on Monday. First, I visited a woman who is near and dear to my heart as a mentor, friend, and second mama. She gave me a beautiful gift that celebrates the three kiddos God has blessed us with.

Then, Aunt Betty and Uncle Fred came over. We had a simple dinner together and exchanged gifts… and I snuck some photos as they loved on our kids:

Ruth has pajama day at school on Tuesday and to her 4-year-old mind, it. was. magical. Anna and Elsa jammies for the win!

Wednesday was utter chaos and disorder and short tempers (just being real). It was harsh words and impatience and frustration…

…But Thursday was a fun and blessed and long and tiring all at once. We’ll share more about it next week… for now, just trust this cute little boy who promises that it was great.

And PS – Does anyone else find photos like this on their phone? Where a kid manages to turn on the camera and takes s million selfies.

Have a great weekend!!

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