Friday Favorites

Okay. We have a quick list of a million favorites (give or take) from the week, plus some exciting news at the end! Read on, friends!

Early morning Bible study nugget: God’s plan is always good, always for His glory, and usually not what we expect. For example: Israelites were slaves in Egypt for 400 years and then they wandered in the desert for another 40. Also? Jesus came as a BABY born in a BARN. Talk about unexpected.

As you can see in my Bitmoji above, I got a hair cut! Ruth told me, “Your hair looks like daddy and Hudson now!” So I guess that’s good?

We kicked off the holiday season at our Pastor’s annual Open House last Friday (and took zero pictures because we were too busy enjoying it).

But on Saturday, we took new family photos! They are terrible (really, truly) so we won’t share them here. But before the photos, our girls had fun running around the store!

And then afterward, we did some Christmas shopping. Ruth was excited to ride off into the sunset on Chica Linda, a mechanical horse in the mall:

We had a super fun dinner with friends from church that involved eating breakfast for dinner, playing with Duplo Legos, and talking about being on the naughty or nice list.

My boss, Luke, was named the 2019 School Business Official for the state of Alaska on Monday! Allen and I are so proud of him – Luke leads with such integrity. Some coworkers and I were able to go into the lunch in Anchorage and celebrate him.

A lot of the rest of the week was filled with painting ceramic horses from Aunt Betty…

Drinking yummy coffee from our favorite new barista (thanks, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Dana!)…

Prioritizing cocoa over smiling for the camera…

And finding new ways to sit in chairs. Stinker.

What. A. Week.

To cap it off, we received some news from the language school in Albertville, France…

And we were accepted for the September 2020 term!

Now, we are chomping at the bit to find the rest of our partnership team, downsize our belongings, flesh out our packing list, finalize assignments, and GO!

Lord willing, just 8 months from now, we’ll have obtained clearance to leave for the field and be on our way to France to start our first term of language learning.

Thank you again for walking this road with us. What a crazy journey as we follow God’s leasing.

Happy weekend!

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