USA Compared to Togo

We found an interesting website the other day that compares countries around the world. For example, how does living in Togo compare to living in Ghana, another West African country? Or India? France?

We found the comparison between Togo and the USA really eye-opening. For example, if you lived in Togo rather than the USA, you’d spend close to 70% less on healthcare, but be 26 times more likely to die during childbirth. And on average, living in the USA is 3.1 times more expensive than living in Togo.

Interested in learning a little bit more or maybe diving into some comparisons of your own? Visit this website! Let us know which comparisons you make and what was more surprising.

2 thoughts on “USA Compared to Togo

  1. Did you feel encouraged by the differences? Reading about them is always interesting and I am glad that you shared the information with us, but how did this information affect you as a family and haw can we be praying for you all in the light of this newly discovered data?


    • Honestly, we weren’t really surprised by the data found in the comparison. It was, however, the first time we’ve seen that information calculated and displayed like that in one place. So, it was a reaffirmation of what we already understood to be the general situation in Togo.

      As far as prayer. Pray that we adapt quickly to culture differences and remain aware of not just the physical needs, but the spiritual needs as well.


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