What a fun week in the Batts’ house… mainly because of Ruth’s birthday! We shared our top 5 things from the week down below, starting with the youngest member of our family. Enjoy!

If Hudson could talk, he’d probably say that trying Ruth’s birthday cake (homemade strawberry!) was his favorite part of the week. But, to be honest? Anytime food is involved is his favorite.

Clara has been saying the FUNNIEST things lately. Oh my word. Almost every day, something comes out of her mouth that just cracks me up. But this one takes the cake:

Also, how cute is her Christmas dress?!

Ruth turning four was a big. deal. She had a little party on Sunday:

She opened family presents the morning of her birthday before preschool and work:

She took homemade cupcakes to school with her, we all had lunch together in Palmer, then we went to Red Robin for dinner, where Ruth savored her free ice cream and relished being sung to by the servers:

It was a full, fun day for our big girl!

Allen’s favorite part of the week? We decorated for Christmas over the last weekend and he really loves doing that. Growing up, he would decorate the outside of their house in Alabama, throw a wild Christmas party, the whole deal. Our little tree is quite tame in comparison 😉

My favorite part of the week? Decorating Christmas cookies with Ms. Linda and Lesley! We’ve been doing it for years now – I don’t even know how long – and it doesn’t feel like Christmas until that time together.

And, well… I guess that’s a wrap! Thanks for all your kind words to our kiddo this week and your friendship. We love you guys!

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