Happy Birthday, Ruth!

Today, our oldest girl is 4 years old and we are excited to celebrate her all day long.

In January 2015, Allen and I imagined being pregnant with our first kiddo before year-end. Little did we know that God would do abundantly more than all we could ask or imagine, and our Ruthie Viola was born that same year.

Ruth has always been really observant and intuitive. She can tell when someone is struggling or having a bad day. She’ll ask if they are sad or just go sit with them.

But boy oh boy, Ruth is imaginative. Every day, she tells us, “I’m Elsa [or Cindy Lou Who or Jessie or Chelsea or Stacey or any other character from the last movie she watched].” She makes up little stories and acts them out with her toys, often making one toy save another or help them through some harrowing adventure.

Ruth scares easily and works herself up sometimes, but we are teaching her how to be brave. We remind her that Jesus is always with her and He helps her be brave. And we often ask her to help others be brave. I tell Ruth all the time, “You can do hard things.” And I love seeing that she is starting to believe that.

Ruth loves horses. I literally cannot tell you how many horse toys she has… and she plays with every. single. one. We are constantly finding horses all over the house and in vehicles. And if she doesn’t have a horse to gallop on the floor, she’ll find something else (like a spoon) and make it run like a horse, too.

Maybe it’s because we’ve always had musical instruments out and ready, but Ruth has great rhythm. She loves playing her guitar, dancing, and singing.

Ruth has memorized several verses. To her, Genesis 1:1 says, “In the beginning, God createded the heavens and… the… EARTH!” I have no idea why she pauses between those last few words (dramatic effect?!) but she always does. But Ruth is so shy sometimes that she may never tell someone the verses she knows.

Ruth started preschool this week and it is so find seeing her grow and do new things. She is very nondescript when we ask about school every day, but at random times, she’ll tell us something she did or learned. She’s practicing writing her name and asks about what sounds letters make. We love reading together and I’m excited to see that grow in her life.

Happiest of birthdays to our happy, sassy, dramatic, fashionable, imaginative, dreamer of a girl. We love you, Ruthie Vi.

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