Tuesday Talk

Hi friends. When you look at the right side-bar menu, you may notice something new today…

… A link to our packing list! We highlighted a few key / high priority items in yellow. There’s no obligation, but we’ve had some people inquire about it. If there’s something you’d like to contribute, simply put your name next to the item. If you run into issues and can’t edit the list from your device, feel free to email or message us to let us know and we’ll mark the item for you. Some items are linked to a specific product on Amazon; that’s because our team recommended these items specifically. Otherwise, we have no real preference.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Now, onto some quick praises and prayer requests.

Clara is still a little under the weather. Could be teething? Could be her lingering croup? Either way, she’s not feeling well.

Pray for success in Allen’s classes this semester, for his focus, and for good time management.

We are starting to explore shipping options. Pray for wisdom, good price quotes, and clarity in what and how we should ship things.

We have what we hope will be some super exciting news to share next month! Stay tuned.

Ruth’s birthday is next week (Dec. 4)! She’ll be four and wants to celebrate with a “Toy Story” birthday party.

Little Baby Ruth

Hudson is working on breaking in a molar or two right now. Eeks. Ruth had literally all of her teeth by the time she turned on year old, so this isn’t crazy unusual for our family’s genetics… but still. Ouch.

We are excited for Thanksgiving this week – it’ll be a quiet one at our house with friends-like-family and good food.

And that’s about it, friends. Have a great week! We are thankful for you.

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