Happy Friday!

Friday? More like Fri-Yay! Remember how we shared earlier this week that we had snow?! Well, thanks to lots of wind and 40* weather, we no longer have lots of snow. But we do have some other favorites from the week, so read on!

Big favorite: kids are feeling better. Ruth was able to go to preschool this week, and Clara finally looks less sick-y and more healthy. And these sweet sleeping photos of kids trying to feel better is another favorite.

Also, this messy face that looks like a baby beard:

Sunday afternoon, our friend Jesse came over to plow our driveway – what a huge blessing! And then, our friend Calvin randomly showed up with a big thing of soup since we were sick and stayed to help, too.

Allen and I have been waking up early the last few weeks to have a quiet time and coffee together…

…But this week, our kids seemed to wake up earlier and earlier… which meant they joined us! Our quiet time was certainly not “quiet” with them in attendance. But it was still good. You may see a repeat of this pajama-class photo again next week in our November newsletter.

We’ve had a ton of fun with our recent “Get To Know…” posts. You can read Allen’s here and mine here!

Duplos. Duplos all. day. every. day. Towers, train tracks, houses… you name it, we’ve built it. It is super fun seeing our kids play together. We run interference a lot… but they’re learning!

This totally random post literally made me laugh out loud this week.

We have some really exciting news to share next month-ish!!!!!!! We don’t want to say anything more right now, but eeeeeks!! How Ruth looks in the picture below is how excited we feel about this news.

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