Snowy Tuesday!

WE HAVE SNOW! I’m giddy. It looks like winter and Christmas and all things cozy outside. There’s at least 7 inches in our yard and, apart from Oggie’s rogue traipsing, it is pure and untouched.

Why is it still mostly untouched? Our kids have been sick. Womp womp.

Runny noses. Coughs (oh, the coughs!). Tired but restless. Irritable. And that’s not to mention how our children are feeling.

Just kidding.

Allen and I have mostly been okay (but I confess to downing vitamins like glasses of water). Ruth missed two days of preschool last week and we’re praying she’s okay to go today.

So that’s a big way you can be praying for us: healing for our kiddos and protection from further and lingering illnesses.


  • We submitted an application for partnership to a church here in Palmer. Pray for wisdom for their missions committee as they review our application, consider their church’s involvement in ministry around the world, and seek God’s will for partnering with us. And pray that good connections would be made with them, if it is God’s will.
  • Allen drives into Anchorage for class twice a week and things just get more dicey with snow added into the mix. Pray for safety as he commutes and for success in his classes.
  • We are starting some miscellaneous house projects in preparation for selling our home this spring. First up: painting! It’s fun for me and Allen to have a project like this to work on together as a couple.

Have a great week, friends! We are praying (and praising God) for you.

One thought on “Snowy Tuesday!

  1. Heavenly father we pray for the health of the Batts family, we also ask for you’re covering and protection over Allen as he drives into Anchorage for school each week. We know that you are the great provider and so we lay these request at your feet trusting in your sovereign will and authority. In Jesus name we pray, amen.

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