Friday Favorites

We debated for a while last night about how we wanted to do this post. Should we do a long list of short things like last week? The top five from the week? Each of our favorites?

Ultimately, we decided to just give you a glimpse of our real life this week.

Clara was diagnosed with croup on Monday or Tuesday and Hudson and Ruth quickly had similar symptoms. Ruthie stayed home from preschool on Wednesday and Thursday; the girls had to miss the dance class we had signed them up for; and they all generally spent the week feeling kind of crummy… except for when Clara posed for a picture at the doctors office.

Because they were sick all week, our kiddos spent quite a bit of time snuggled up on the couch with blankets, hot cocoa, and Christmas movies on TV. They can be quite dramatic when they’re not feeling well, but for the most part they did OK this week.

Allen also started his new semester this week: he has two in-person classes and one online. Seems like a one-week break just isn’t long enough, but he is back in the swing of driving into Anchorage twice a week in the evenings for class… can’t you tell from his face below?

Then on Saturday night, we had about 10 people over at our house for our partner update and prayer time. We were able to share about our ministry focus in Togo, our projected timeline, applying to language school, and more. We also played a little trivia game… Who knew they would be so competitive?! We shared some information about our packing list and ended the evening with prayer. Thank you to everyone who came over! It was fun having a full house again.

Allen helped rescue a greenhouse that had fallen off a trailer due to the high winds we’ve been having this week.

We received some generous gift to our Outfit and Passage this week, too! That account is at 81% of our total need. It is so close to being fully funded!

Well friends, that’s about it. Hope you had a great week, are able to avoid this cold that’s going around, and just enjoy the time the Lord has given us in this season.

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