Tuesday Talk

Happy Tuesday, friends! There are only six more Tuesdays for Christmas! That has nothing to do with the rest of today’s post, I just thought it was a fun fact.

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who came to our house Saturday night for our get together and prayer time. It was such a blessing to have a full house again… plus the food was great and the game became very competitive. Once again, we forgot to take pictures. But Allen did sneak in this one while we were praying in small groups:

This weeks marks the start of Allen’s new semester. He is taking two in person classes in one online. Please pray for diligence, focus, perseverance, and success in his classes!

Our sweet little Clara-bou is teething. Her two-year molars are finally coming in and she is grumpy, tired, and generally not feeling well. She slept for about three hours on Sunday afternoon and woke up with flushed cheeks as seen below.

We are really thankful and excited that our Sunday school class growing and not just in numbers. More importantly, people seem to be growing in their wisdom and knowledge of the Lord. We are certainly challenged as we prepare and teach the lesson each week.

Have a good week, friends. We are praying for you, but if there something specific we can be lifting up before the Lord, please let us know.

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