Friday Favorites: Top Fifteen

Top 15?! Holy Toledo. I don’t know why I picked FIFTEEN, other than it starts with an “F” and I liked the alliteration. Hold onto your hats, friends, because even though it’s 15 favorite things from the week, it’s a quick list.

1. Meeting Anna and Elsa after watching “Frozen Jr.” at a local middle school on Saturday:

2. Constantly finding pictures like this on my cell phone:

3. This, because it accurately reflects our life:

4. Ordering a Christmas stocking and “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament for Hudson.

5. Yummy Cold Stone ice cream with our sweet Pastor and his wife. We were too busy eating and talking to take a picture, so you know it was a HUGE blessing to me and Allen to spend time with them.

6. Matching sisters.

7. A new routine with Allen that involves morning devotions at our table over coffee.

8. Cowgirls and cowboy boots.

9. Sleepy babies who are growing up, standing up, and learning new things daily.

10. Silly stories on Instagram to document this prefield journey.

11. Coloring pages that we make (and then don’t use) and share with you!

12. The song “Way Maker” by Leeland.

13. Preparing for tomorrow’s prayer time (are you coming?!).

14. One morning a week, Allen’s been meeting with a good friend and it has been a HUGE blessing for him.

15. Finally, we are always super grateful for the people God has put in our lives who are walking alongside us, praying for us, partnering with us, and just encouraging us through this journey. You are always one of our favorites. And I know that sounds sappy, but it’s also so true.

Happy weekend, friends. Hope it’s a great one!

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