Friday Faves – November!

It’s the end of another week and the start of another month… and we have a whole slew of random favorites to share. Buckle up, friends, and let’s get started!

Ruth had a little Harvest Party at preschool yesterday. She dressed up like Rapunzel and Clara was Anna… and Hudson wore some Carhartts over a sleeper – ha! The girls painted pumpkins, Ruth decorated a cookie, I taught Ruth how to shoot a Nerf gun (with proper gun handling techniques), and we enjoyed just playing in Ruth’s classroom.

We found a new random show on Netflix this week: “Instant Hotel” is a reality game show based in Australia that sends different couples to stay in various Air B&B type places. Everyone has great accents, which I love, and there’s lots of drama, which makes us laugh.

I heard a new song on the radio this week – “See a Victory.” I loved the reminder in the song that God takes all things and turns them for good (as Romans 8:28 says). Over the last week, I hurt my toe, our fridge temporarily went out, I had a fever one day, and Allen was wrapping up his semester. It was a little stressful… but what a sweet reminder that we will see a victory and God wins every battle.

We also posted our October 2019 Newsletter this week! We share some personal thoughts about our roles in life versus our identity in Christ, give an update about our prefield process, and shared some cute pictures.

Allen wrote a paper about Adoniram Judson for school and I’m pretty sure one of his FAVORITE things of the whole semester was the positive feedback he received from his professor about the essay. His professor said it was one of the best essays he’d read. I’m so proud of him!!

I found a new fun app this week! It’s the Pantone app – you can upload your photo and it picks out the colors in it to create custom color schemes. I do a lot of design (PPT, fliers, etc.) at work and am ALWAYS looking for new color schemes to use. I love that I can upload a favorite photo that inspires me, get a color scheme, and be able to move on quickly.

A few other random “yay” things from the week:

  • After we thought our fridge had gone out, we defrosted it, and it started working again! We did not have to purchase a new fridge after all!
  • We still do not have snow, making last night’s trick-or-treating one of the warmest we’ve seen in a long time. Granted, our kids were in bed by 7 PM and we did not go trick-or-treating at all. And we were the grumpy neighbors who turned out our lights and didn’t hand out candy.
  • After the women’s retreat a couple weekends ago, I’ve been thinking a lot about mentorship relationships. I don’t really have anything else to say about that, it’s just something that’s been on my mind lately.
  • I found a new to me podcast the other week called “5 Minutes in Church History.” Each episode is only five minutes and covers some prominent individuals or events from Christian church history. Very interesting and informative for those of you who like Church history.

In honor of Reformation Day yesterday, we’d like to share this thought:

Finally, save the date! Next Saturday, November 9th, at 7:00pm, we are hosting a prayer time, update, and dessert party at our house. We’d LOVE to have you join us!

So that’s all, friends! Have a great weekend. And enjoy the start of a new month.

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