Tuesday Talk

Our week started a little bit odd: I’m pretty sure I broke my toe over the weekend, our refrigerator went out,And I came down with some kind of cold. But it’s Tuesday! That means we have new praises and prayer requests to share with you.

It is Allen’s long anticipated finals week! As of right now, he has one more paper to write and one more exam to take. Pray for focus and diligence in his studies and for success.

We are really excited to be sharing at Hillside Baptist Church in Anchorage on Sunday! In addition to presenting during the service about what the Lord is calling our family to in Togo, we have an opportunity to teach a children’s Sunday school class. Please pray for wisdom as we share with them, for the right words to say to effectively communicate the work God is doing in west Africa, and for deep connections with their church. We really want to serve them well.

We know that a lot of our partners are walking through some tough things right now: personal and/or family health stuff, financial stuff, job stuff… It feels like there’s always something, doesn’t it?

When our fridge went out this weekend, my mom reminded me that it didn’t take God by surprise.

“No,” I told her, “but it did take us by surprise.”

But how comforting to know that even these hard things we are walking through, the Lord ordained and promises in His word that He will work them together for our good. He is trustworthy. He is unchanging. He is above all.

So that’s about it. We are praying for you. Thank you for walking with our family on this journey.

One thought on “Tuesday Talk

  1. You got this Allen, I remember sitting in class alongside of you. You always knew the required class material and spoke with confidence when sharing your thoughts on the topics we studied. You are almost at the finish line, keep going bro. We are cheering you on!!!

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