Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday, friends! This doesn’t happen very often, but we posted every single day this week: about, our recent prefield thoughts , Allen’s birthday , my calling to missions, and now this…phew.

I felt so refreshed this week after the women’s retreat last Friday and Saturday. It’s amazing how time with like-minded women, encouragement from the Word of God, and a comfortable bed can change how you’re feeling about life. It was so beautiful out at the bed-and-breakfast.

On Sunday, our church voted to approve an associate pastor and worship leader, Kyle. We are really excited to see how God is growing the ministry and out reach at our church. It was also a fun Sunday because we got to see our sweet friends Sam and Dianna again!

But celebrating Allen’s birthday this week was definitely the best part. I took the day off of work so that we could spend time together. We are thankful for our friends, the Gelatts, who are in town on furlough from Ghana, West Africa. They’ve been so kind to watch our kids once a week for us. So they watched Hudson and Clara while Ruth was at preschool so Allen and I could go to brunch together after he opened presents.

After an afternoon at home and taking Hudson to his nine month well child check up, we ate pizza and homemade chocolate cake for dessert.

At one point Ruth asked Allen, “How old are you Dad? I am three.”

Allen said, “I am three decades.”

Ruth said, “Three decades?!”

I don’t think she had any idea what that meant, but she liked that she and daddy were both three of some variation.

The remainder of our week was spent cleaning war paint off of messy faces…

… Playing with Legos again (we just can’t seem to keep them put away for too long)…

… decorating the play house for Christmas…

… and just enjoying all of the post-bath giggles!

And! Fun fact! A new partner joined our team this week, putting us at 76% of our monthly support!

So that about sums up our week, friends. We hope yours was great too, and that you have a fun and relaxing weekend with those you love.

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