Called to Missions: Melissa’s Story

Last year around this time, we shared a little bit about how God called Allen to missions. But we haven’t really told my story…

After my junior year of high school, I spent literally the whole summer serving at various camps and Vacation Bible Schools with the Anchorage Baptist Temple.

Towards the start of the summer, I spent a couple weeks on Kodiak Island as a camp counselor; while there, I rededicated my life to Christ, fully surrendered to him as my Lord, and not just my Savior.

The rest of the summer went well: I led several kids to Christ, by the grace of God. I still have the VBS theme song memorized (“Grab your kimono, come on, let’s go on…”). And I made really great friends and lots of fun memories.

But finally, the end of the summer came, and I was back at my home church: Fairview Loop Baptist. One Sunday, Pastor Tom was preaching from Acts chapter 1. And all throughout the service, I felt the Holy Spirit stirring in my heart. I knew that sermon of reaching the nations was for me.

At the invitation time, I started crying. My mom looked over at me and asked if I wanted to go up front and pray. I shook my head no and start straight ahead. But less than five seconds later, I looked at mom and asked, “Will you go with me?”

Together, we walked up to Pastor Tom and I told him that I felt God calling me to missions. He prayed with me that morning, and the whole trajectory of my life changed.

I spent the next few summers going on several mission trips: Hawaii, Florida, Kodiak, Old Harbor, India… But it was the mission trip to Africa that changed everything.

That initial calling to missions came about 15 years ago. That’s half my life time. But it’s amazing to look back and see how God slowly orchestrated things, in His perfect timing, to bring me and my family to where we are now.

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