Friday Faves

Come Friday, it’s always hard to believe another week has already passed. This week was marked by lots of playing, some sleep, and a big milestone in our pre-field journey.

If there’s anything you need to know about Ruth, it’s that she takes her hair bows very seriously. Often times she will come to me with a handful of them asking for every single one to be put in her hair:

Every now and then, we try to cycle through some of the bigger toys we have so that our kids don’t get sick of them. For the last two months or so our kids have been playing with Duplo Legos in the living room. We put those away this last week and pulled the little kitchen in from their playhouse in the backyard. It was so much fun to see them cooking things in their little kitchen. And so funny when Clara put a spatula in the front pocket of her overalls. I mean, what else with that pocket be used for?

After Allen and the kids picked me up from work last Friday, we took a few minutes to have a dessert and cookie date at Vagabond Blues, one of our favorite little coffee places in Palmer. Hudson was all smiles, especially when he got a taste of Ruth’s snickerdoodle cookie.

I had a really exciting thing happened this week: I unclogged the kitchen sink! I realize that that is not a big deal at all. However, if it is something I normally would’ve left for Allen to do. Instead, I remembered that I am moving to Africa, by golly… I can unclog kitchen sink! And I did it! Below is the really excited selfie I sent to my parents immediately after fixing the sink.

Allen did a big presentation for one of his classes this week about the missionary Adoniram Judson. It was fun seeing him excited about a presentation. Will probably do a blog post about Judson soon. He was the first international missionary sent from the United States of America!

And finally, one of the biggest highlights from the week for us was submitting our applications to language school! We emailed them in on Thursday.

We definitely stepped out in faith: we still need 25% of our monthly support, along with the rest of our outfit and passage. But we really feel like God can and will provide that for us to start language school next fall in France. 25% of our support is about $1,750. If 25 people give $70 a month, we will be at our goal. A few people have verbally committed to partnership and a few churches are praying about it too, so we are excited to see how the Lord pulls the rest of our team together.

Nothing is too hard for him. Not even this.

Have a great weekend friends! I’ll be at a women’s retreat Friday night and Saturday, while Allen is home with our kids. If you think of us, pray for us. We’ll both need it!

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