Five on Friday

It’s one of those weeks where we just say, “Phew. Glad it is the weekend.” It wasn’t a bad week or anything; it just felt like we had a lot going on! Work, school, meetings, laundry… oh, the laundry!


Last Friday, we realized we didn’t have any plans for Saturday. So we decided to drive down to Alyeska, which is a ski resort in Girdwood. It is about an hour south of Anchorage. Allen and I spent our honeymoon there and our fifth wedding anniversary. Apart from Ruth going when she was three weeks old, none of our kids had ever been to Alyeska. It was about time!

The drive down was absolutely beautiful! The trees are all changing colors and there was snow on the tops of the mountains. We spent time walking through the shops in the Alyeska resort, walking outside, and getting lunch before we headed back home. It was so nice to have an adventure without an agenda.


Want to know what we play with all day, every day? Duplo Legos. They are constantly all over our living room floor and in some various arrangement of houses, stables, train tracks… you name it and we’ve built it.

It is always a favorite seeing what our kids come up with. We love to see their creativity, sharing (mostly), and teamwork.


Music has always been a very important part of Allen’s life. His grandfather taught him how to play his first string instrument when he was young, and being able to pass that legacy on to our kids is huge. So it was super fun this week when both Ruth and Clara picked up their guitars and started playing together on their own. We have no idea what they were singing, but they were adorable.

Side note: Ruth’s current favorite song is “Where is Thumbkin?”.


There are times when our sweet Hudson boy looks so big and grown-up. That’s why when he fell asleep in his little chair in the living room with his hands up by his face, all wrapped up in a blanket, it was like you were transported back to his infant days. Look how sweet he is!

Each week seems to speed by faster and faster. We are soaking in these days with little kids, while also excitedly anticipating what the Lord has in store for us next.


Drumroll, please…

We officially reached 75% of our monthly support!

We may or may not be planning to make a video this weekend to celebrate, so keep your eyes out. We had so much fun last summer making our 50% video, that we decided to make them at each big milestone. This was the next one we had in mind!

You can watch our 50% video here.

Have a great weekend, friends!

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