These Days

About this time last year, we wrote a general “These Days” post, where we talked about just… life. It seems like everything has changed and nothing has changed since then, so we wanted to share a new “These Days” post!

Allen is plugging along on his degree from Wayland Baptist University and balancing that with his full-time job as a stay-at-home dad. He does about 99% of the cooking so he can have a break from kids. He posts on social media for us, edits our videos, and is always up for a board game.

I am still working for the school district where I provide training, data analytics, and communications support to our business and operations departments. I do most of the writing for us on prefield (newsletter, this blog, reports, etc.). I do 99% of the laundry, usually give the kids their evening baths, and try to squeeze in sewing or crocheting when I can.

Ruth loves preschool and talks at home often about her teachers and friends. She still loves horses and watching movies. She likes building things with legos, playing pretend, music, and eating food.

Clara is the sweetest little mama to her baby dolls. She holds them, feeds them, puts them to bed, checks on them… She also loves “Let It Go” (which is what she calls the movie “Frozen”) and talks a lot about “Anna and Elka.” She’s becoming a lot more vocal and opinionated, for sure.

As a Hudson is growing and teething and eating and crawling and pulling himself up to standing. His hair is turning red (yay!). He is generally really smiley, but when he’s upset, all he wants is his mamma. Can’t say I mind too much (except for when it’s the middle of the night).

As a family, we are constantly trying to balance prefield needs with ministry and family life. I think that will be a life-long struggle; as soon as we think we have it figured out, something else changes.

Faithful in the little things, right? That’s all we have to be. As we are faithful in these seemingly small, insignificant moments, we trust that God will grow them (and us!) into what He intends.

So that’s all. Just a quick update about who we are… and hopefully a quick reminder to you that God works in these little things we do.

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