Tuesday Talk: A Timeline Update

Hey friends! We have snow in the forecast for later this week. What?!

Cooler weather and snow… hello, winter! It’s crazy to think that this is (Lord willing) our last winter in Alaska before we leave for language school and Togo. We’re starting a list, so what winter activities should we do this year with our kiddos?!

We have about 3 weeks before the deadline to qualify for the Fall 2019 Field Prep Seminar (FPS). We’ve been praying about God’s provision and timing.

FPS is our final ABWE training and is designed to be our last “big thing” before we get clearance to leave. For that reason, ABWE policy says that if we don’t leave for the field within one year of completing FPS, we are required to do the training again.

Lately, we’ve felt God moving us to attend the Spring 2020 FPS instead. Doing that gives us more “wiggle room” in case our timeline is delayed at all. It also ensures the FPS information is fresh in our minds when we depart. This does not change our anticipated start at language school (fall 2020).

We are continuing to work towards full funding and a full O&P. And we are continuing to see God move us in that direction!

Okay, so how can you be praying for us now?

  • Pray for continued guidance and clear vision for God’s timing and purposes, especially when it comes to our training schedule.
  • Pray for our partnership team. We only need about 25% more of our monthly support; all that means is our team is not yet complete and we get to find the rest of it!

We hope you have a great week, friends. If you’re in Alaska, stay warm this weekend in the anticipated snowfall!

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