Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! It’s been below freezing the last few mornings and snow is quickly descending the mountains. That means fall is in full swing here in Alaska.

And with fall, comes fresh haircuts! We don’t talk much about this darling member of our family, but Oggie the Doggie, our two-year-old springer spaniel, got a much-needed grooming this week and she looks so cute! Look at this sweet puppy dog face:

Ruth’s preschool had a “Family Day” this week, so we all went over for a half hour or so. The kids sang some songs for us, then served us the pizza they had made together. We did a couple crafts (making slime and painting a picture) and got to see their classroom. Ruth showed us where she usually sits during Circle Time and what book they read in the mornings.

Parent brag time: Ruth’s teachers said that Ruth is usually really enthusiastic during the singing time; so much so, that she is often invited to stand up front by the teacher and help the other kids with their singing, too! We love that she loves music.

You may have seen our September 2019 newsletter and accompanying video… but Allen had the girls put together a short video about Togo this week, too! It’s up on our YouTube page, if you’d like to see it.

I saw a super pretty sunrise at work one day this week! That was fun. I’m also taking a theology course with ABWE, and in my study of Theology Proper, it talked about how the Holy Spirit makes the heavens beautiful (Job 26:13). I love that image, of the Spirit still just decorating the skies for us.

Allen and I went on a date last weekend! One of my coworkers (yay, Charity!) is in a play, so we went to dinner at Evangelos and then to support her. Dinner was delicious and the play was SO GOOD! You guys, it was so good. The whole evening was such a sweet time together. We even took our Jeep instead of the minivan so we could pretend to be cool people again.

Clara was living her best life this week, seeing all the Mickey Mickey Christmas decorations at Lowe’s. Girl is obsessed.

And Hudson proudly (and thoroughly) enjoyed eating some scrambled eggs this week, too:

Want to know something exciting as we wrap up this post? We have no plans this weekend and I am so excited.

Have a great weekend!

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