Hey friends, happy Tuesday! We have some praises, prayer requests, photos, and fun links in this post. Enjoy!

We’re all congested and have sore throats, which means lots of fluids, snuggles, and movies… but good news! I’m pretty sure we have met our health insurance deductible with all our doctors visits this year! #winning #maybe

Hudson is getting two new teeth (one on top and one on the bottom), which means he isn’t sleeping well and is chewing on everything, including the new hat I made him.

Continue to pray with us for our partnership development. We are about 10% away from qualifying for FPS. We’ve seen God do truly amazing things during this process (such as providing 50% of our support in 6 weeks), so we know He can do anything. Pray for us to be faithful in doing our part and to trust God to do His.

Once again, I’m reminded of this verse:

Couple more fun things we want to share to kick off the week:

  • Ruth and Clara helped make an FAQ video! You can watch it here. I wish you could see all the unedited bloopers because they truly highlight our hilarious and crazy life with three littles.
  • Our September newsletter and video update goes out tomorrow. We’ll link to it from here. Did you see our “gag reel”? It’s available on our Facebook page.
  • I finished one of my required ABWE classes this week! I’ll miss working with my kind proctor, Bob, but am thankful to have that class checked off my list.

How can we be praying for you this week? Leave a comment, shoot us a message, or text us – we’d love to be praying for specific things going on in your lives.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. You guys are amazing and your updates and website is amazing, too! I don’t know how you do all you do with everything that’s on your plate. I love you all!! So glad God placed you in my life!

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