Friday: Rain, Legos, and Big News!

On Tuesday, we shared that we have some exciting news… and we’ll get to that. But first, some other favorites from the week!

It rained all week, which meant our girls had fun playing in the puddles:

Check out Ruth, mid-jump!

I had more beautiful sunrises on the way to work, but now they include some termination dust (which is what we call the first snow on the mountains around where we live… I guess it signals the “termination” of summer?).

View of the mountains from my work

We spent a lot of the week playing with Legos (hi, life with three kids age 3 and under… real exciting over here).

Ruthie likes to build castles…
Clara plays with her train a lot…
And Hudson likes to slobber on the blocks before he builds with them.

Tuesday evening, after I had a long day of training at my work and Allen had a meeting, we headed into town to pick up a patio set. We’d been looking for a set with a bigger table and six seats, since we’ve outgrown the four person set that we currently have and love.

Allen has found a nice used set on Facebook Marketplace for about $100, complete with umbrellas, so we made arrangements to get it and headed in. We had to take both vehicles; Allen and the kids were in the van and I was trailing behind in the Jeep…

When all of a sudden, traffic on the highway came to a stand-still. An overturned vehicle a few miles up the road shut down all in-bound lanes. For about half an hour, we sat and waited as our kids grew increasingly irritable and hungry.

Finally, things got moving again and we made it to the seller’s house. As they helped load the furniture up and our kids stretched their legs by running all over their driveway, we got to talking. We shared with them how we plan on taking the patio set to Togo when we move there, talked a little about their experience serving with YWAM, and shared about what we’ll do in West Africa. It was such an encouraging visit after the stress on the highway.

And then! They sold us the whole set for about half of the price we had agreed upon! What a blessing.

After loading up and strapping down, we headed home, slow and steady, much later than we had originally anticipated.

Table on the Jeep and umbrellas on the van (not pictured, but there!).

Other than that, truth be told, this was a pretty low-key, normal week, filled with runny noses, extra vitamins, laundry… and our exciting news!!

Here goes.

We are officially at 73% of our monthly support!

We had two new people join our team this week (hey-O, Gurley’s and Alaniva’s!) and a verbal commitment, too.

We also found out that the absolute last day to register for our next ABWE training is October 21. That means, we have about four weeks to get that last 12% to be eligible to attend training.

12% equals about $840, which is 12 people partnering at $70 per month.

We know the Lord can provide this 12% and we are excited to see how He does in His timing and His way. Will you join us in praying for His will, His provision, and His timing?

Thanks for being on this adventure with us. Thank you for partnering with us in prayer and financially. Thank you for letting us pray for you and be an extension of you in this ministry.

May God be glorified always.

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