Tuesday Talk

Crisp air. Colorful leaves. Rain. And new praises and prayer requests. Must be a Tuesday in September!


We are thankful for encouraging friends who are willing to step into the gap and watch our kiddos.

We praise God that our Sunday school class is growing and going well. Our study in James has already been challenging and encouraging.

And Ruth knocked it out of the park during her first week of Preschool!

Prayer Requests:

Ruth is under the weather. Unfortunately, her little immune system couldn’t quite keep up with the preschool grind and she has a runny nose. Pray that she gets over it quickly and the rest of us don’t catch the cold!

Perseverance in pre-field and assignments. Our deadline for Field Prep Seminar is coming up soon! It’s exciting… and we have a lot to do to be ready by then.


Wisdom in preparing for Togo: logistically, mentally, spiritually, and physically. We are getting to where we need to start pricing shipping costs, applying for language school, etc. Again, it’s super exciting! And a lot to do on top of work and classes and family and ministry.

Rest. Did we already mention that? We did? Oh. Huh.

On that note, have a great week! We are praying for you and we have some BIG news to share on Friday… get excited!

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk

  1. Praying for God to grant you and your family with good sleep each and every evening when the day comes to its end. Regularly scheduled sleep is so important for our minds and our bodies to recover.


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