Friday Favorites: What a Full Week!

Partnership meetings, work, homework, preschool, time with friends… such a full week (literally and figuratively).

To start, I love this time of year. Cooler weather, cozy sweaters, and beautiful sunrises on my way to work:

Sunrise and mountains.

Saturday morning, we got doughnuts (and coffee) as a family:

Yummy doughnut with cute fall sprinkles!
Batts men.
… and then Hudson touched Clara’s hand and the whole world fell apart. *eye-roll*

We’ve tried incorporating more quiet reading time into our routines. So after doughnuts, Allen took off to get some homework done and the kids and I had quiet reading time at the doughnut shop. We lasted about 15 minutes before no one could sit still anymore. Not too bad for 3 little kids!

Ruth was so excited to start preschool this week! After preview day on Monday, she woke up ready to go and chomping at the bit on Tuesday.

Porch picture on the first day of preschool.

So far, we know that Ruth has been learning about the letter A, practicing drawing circles, and doing some coloring. She’s had animal crackers for snacks and played with blocks. That’s all we know. Ha!

We had a fun evening with friends this week eating pizza in their beautiful backyard. Low key, relaxing, cool fall air… But prior to that, our kiddos had a little play date that involved getting every toy out of the playroom, munching on popcorn, and watching movies.

Sweet girls sharing a blanket and popcorn.

Clara loves her babies, especially Anna (from “Frozen”) and Minnie Mouse. When Allen said she could bring some toys to pick up Ruthie from school, she grabbed all the babies and climbed into the van.

Clara and all her babies

And here’s a picture of our sweet boy, just because.

Hudson James!

One of my Facebook friends posted this and it made me laugh out loud. Any Dr. Who fans?

So funny.

Finally, from last Friday through today, we have had about five meetings with people to share about Togo. We are working towards our goal of being at 85% by mid-October to attend Field Prep Seminar and praying for God’s provision.

But did you notice our Outfit & Passage chart in the side bar? We officially have enough in our account to cover our language school AND a vehicle in Togo! Thank you to everyone who has partnered with us, prayed, and given.

We have two more ministry meetings this weekend, then church. Our new Sunday School class started last weekend and we are excited to dive into our study of James again Sunday morning.

Have a super great weekend, friends!

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