Tuesday Talk

Last week, we mentioned a few long-term prayer requests, specifically:

  • Successful language learning
  • A smooth transition for our kids to France and then Togo
  • Effective ministry among the churches in Kara
  • Strong relationships with our teammates in Togo

We ask that you continue to pray for those things. In addition, here’s a few more for this month specifically:

  • For God to provide 82% of our monthly support by the end of September. That’s a 10% increase from where we are now… and it feels big and scary and super audacious to even be asking. And yet, we have seen God provide more support than that in less amount of time before! So that’s what we’re asking for: 82% in about 4 weeks. If you have ever considered partnering with us, this would be the month to get online and do it!
Clara is saying, “You! Partner with us!” And Ruth is rolling her eyes at Clara’s directness.
  • We are teaching a Sunday School class now! This Sunday, at Fairview Loop Baptist Church at 9:00am, Allen and I kick off a study in the book of James and we would love for you to join us. We will be walking through a 13-week study by Matt Chandler (learn more about the study here).
Ahh, James…
  • For perseverance in schoolwork: both of us with ABWE pre-field assignments and Allen with his Wayland classes. We have books to read, papers to write, tests to take…
Taking a study break to go for a walk around Reflections Lake with the kids!
  • Ruthie starts preschool next week! Our little horse-loving, adventurous, goofy, loud, imaginative girl is going to do so well at her new school and we are thrilled for her.
Ruthie Bug, just cheesing for the camera.

Have a good week, friends – we are praying for the Lord to bless you abundantly this week. Whether you need physical healing, peace, rest, reconciliation in a broken relationship, provision, or anything else, God can do it. We can’t wait to hear how He does.

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