Five-ish Faves on a Friday

We’re sharing our top five (give or take) from the week! Fair photos, time with friends, fishing… phew.

Last Saturday, we had a couple friends over. Allen and Calvin went fishing (they caught one and it tasted delicious):

Jade spent the day with me and the kiddos and we played outside, watched a movie, colored… And took a selfie.

We took our children to the fair and in lieu of rides, the girls rode the horses! Allen and I were cracking up because, despite their shared love of horses, Clara and Ruth both looked so stoic. They wouldn’t smile, wouldn’t wave at us… nothing. Stinkers!

After riding horses, we got some food and walked around.

It was so sunny and warm – I think it was my first time ever going to the state fair in just a t-shirt!

Clara is becoming so funny. She was standing in our room with her shoulders pushed up as far as they could go. I’d say, “Where did your neck go?!” And she would laugh and say, “I don’t know!”

Hudson turned 7 months old! He has five teeth, still isn’t crawling, and is obsessed with shepherds pie.

It was so fun looking at old travel photos in writing yesterday’s post like this one of baby Ruth drinking chocolate milk in her bare feet.

We also spent time this week with friends over dinner and playing in the back yard (our obstacle course has gotten lots of use and we have leaves everywhere now!).

And on a whim, we invited another friend over for dinner while Allen was at class.

Finally, I saw this and was encouraged:

Praise God that nothing surprises Him.

Have a great (long) weekend!

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  1. I love the quote that you shared this week! Thank you so much for sharing the weeks updates with us.

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