Tuesday Talk

On Tuesdays, we share praises and prayer requests here on our blog. For now, it is usually normal things: sleep, good time management, Allen’s classes… but what if we all started petitioning God for future things, too?

I’m thinking of things like

  • Strong relationships with our teammates in Togo
    Effective ministry among the churches in Kara
    Success in language learning
    A smooth transition for our family, and especially our kids

For the here and now, here’s a praise and a request for each member of our family:


Praise: Allen went fishing with a friend over the weekend! They caught one fish but had a great time out on the lake.

Prayer Request: Diligence and focus in school.


Praise: I had a fun time with a friend over the weekend, too! Jade and I have been friends for about half our lives (wow!) and she spent most of Saturday hanging out with me and the kiddos.

Prayer Request: Wisdom for a big decision we are making this week.


Praise: Ruth is back to sleeping like a champ, and we are so thankful. She doesn’t argue about going to bed and usually sleeps all night. Hallelujah!

Prayer Request: Ruth is starting preschool in September. Pray for a smooth transition!


Praise: Clara is such a funny kid. In this picture, I was asking, “Where is your neck?!” And she would scrunch her shoulders up and say, “I dunno!”

Prayer Request: Clara is slowly developing a bigger vocabulary. Girl loves to read, so we know it’s happening. Pray that she continues to expand her vocabulary and and explore new things.


Praise: Hudson is 7 months old and almost crawling. He is so happy 90% of the time.

Prayer Request: Our little guy is teething, meaning we aren’t sleeping much!

That’s about it, friends. We are praying for your, too. Have a great week!

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