Tuesday Talk

Happy Tuesday!

You guys, we got new windows in my office at work and they are so beautiful. This is adulthood: excitement over new windows that open.

Other signs of adulthood include rejoicing over a clean kitchen, being happy that all the laundry is put away and off the couch, and finding a cool crocheted hat pattern.

I digress.

Allen started a new semester at Wayland! I offered to take a first day of school picture and he refused, so here’s one of him from a long time ago, feeding baby Ruth in our old apartment.

Please pray with us for success in his classes, for wisdom, and for time management.

There are several large fires north of us here in Alaska. Many buildings and houses have burned down and lots of families are displaced. My friend Jade’s parents recently started building a cabin in Willow, which may be in the path of the fire. Pray for protection for their home and for the firefighters who are battling the blaze. And pray for rain!

How can we be praying for you, friends?

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