Two for Tuesday Talk

This week, we are sharing two praises and two prayer requests… and pictures! *yay*

Praise #1

Yesterday, it was 80* at 5:00pm in Alaska in August. What?! That never happens.

I’m all about fall weather (boots, cozy sweaters, a chill in the air, hot coffee) but I know that in three months, I’ll be wishing for these delightful afternoons. So we’ll fully embrace them for as long as they last.

Praise #2

I got to enjoy a long three day weekend at home! Allen was finishing up his classes for the semester, so I took Friday off work to help out with kids while he worked. It was nice to sneak in that extra time with the littles. We kicked off the weekend with breakfast and school supply shopping – Ruth is heading to preschool this fall!

Prayer Request #1

Another (not so fun) aspect of me being home is that we were all sick all weekend. Runny noses. Headaches. Coughing. Sore throats. We’re on the mend now, but yuck. Not fun. You can pray for continued healing for our whole family. I think poor Clara got the worst of it, but that didn’t stop her from adventuring outside and eating all the high bush cranberries she could find.

Prayer Request #2

Pray for good time management in our prefield time. In addition to partnership development, we have lots of assignments to complete. At times, it can feel overwhelming and like too much. But if this journey has taught us anything, it’s that nothing is too much for God.

Have a great week, friends. May God be glorified in all things.

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