Four Faves

Happy Friday! I’m home from work today to help out with the kids while Allen finishes his final papers, exams, and assignments. But we’re always here on Fridays to share some of our favorites with you!

To kick it off, last week we shared that we were unofficially at 70%. Well guess what?! That’s official now!

Not only that, but we are unofficially at 72%! We have two more families who have partnered with us and we are just waiting to see that process through in our Central account. Praise God!

Next favorite? Getting our van back from the shop! The Lord provided 82% of the total cost to get the transmission rebuilt through other people… and as I was thanking Him for providing that money, I realized that He did, in fact, provided 100% of the cost. That last 18% just came through my job and regular pay check.

Every fall, I help facilitate the annual Admin Secretary In-Service at work. And seeing all the Admin Secretaries yesterday for our in-service was so much fun!! Lord willing, this will be our last fall here in Alaska (if we’re able to start language school next year), so it was bittersweet.

But okay, the highlight of the last week was, for sure, being in Oregon with my family. We flew down so Allen could play during my grandfather’s memorial service. The service honored him and remembered him well… and the family time before and after was such a blessing.

We played in the hotel pool…

… ate yummy hotel breakfasts in our pajamas…

… and spent lots of time with Gigi, Mimi, and Papa.

We aren’t feeling well, so I’m hoping we can spend the weekend mostly hunkered down with some tea, soup, Kleenex, and cough drops. See you back here on next week!

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