A Look Back

Maybe it’s because we traveled home on a Monday, but we have been confused about what day it is all week! Anyone else? No? Okay.

Despite our confusion about the days of the week, I have been thinking: It’s so fun that we’ve been documenting life in this corner of the Internet for over a year now!

We’ve shared about our first trip ever to Togo (look at little 6-month-old Clara!!!)…

…discussed several safety concerns in Togo and how we hope to mitigate them…

…and sought to define what prefield ministry is all about.

We have shared a little bit about our calling to Togo here and here, and even here.

Have we shared about how when we first started dating, I told Allen, “I feel called to serve in Africa my whole life and if you aren’t on board with that, we can be friends, but I won’t date you!”?

And how he responded, “Oh. Let me pray about that for a while!”?

And how he came back to me the next week and simply said, “Okay, I’m in!”?

Because that all happened, too.

Through it all, the Lord has used Scripture, time in prayer, godly counsel, and countless books to draw us to His side as we have pursued this calling on our lives. As we have walked together by faith, it has been an amazing, surprising, unexpected adventure with Him.

Thank you, friends, for your encouragement, support, and partnership. We praise God for the team He is building, with Christ as the cornerstone.

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