Tuesday Talk: Home Again!

We’re home! And we have a new arch of praises and prayer requests today.

if you missed it last week, we unofficially hit 70% of our monthly support! Lord willing, we’ll see those official amounts on Central this week. In fact, we should see more than 70% because two more families reached out about partnering with us!

We are so thankful and humbled by the team God is building.

We also had a great trip to Oregon remembering my grandpa and his new home in Heaven. It was good to be with family.

However, we need prayer: some nasty little germs hitched a ride home with us. Clara was up a lot of the night with a fever and runny nose. Hudson has been coughing. We are all exhausted…

And this is not the ideal week for sickness (if there ever is one). Allen has some papers to finish writing, I have a big work event, and we are still a one-vehicle family as we wait for our van’s transmission to get fixed.

So please pray: for healing, for endurance, for wisdom. We need it!

How can we be praying for you this week, friends? Let us know – we would be so delighted to take your needs before the Father’s throne.

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